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Knock-Knock - Independent of Sleaze

(May 18, 2009)
THE initial response to Independent council candidate Paul Macdonald and co-author of canvassing the public will not be much of a surprise but is an enormous boost to one of their key chapters.
poster"Getting more things for the young people," was the response from a St. John's Road parent. This was by far and away the most popular view amongst the first 50 people approached.
Paul poses the question 'if you actually had a councillor speaking to you now what would be your pet concern?'
"I explained our ideas for teen shelters, an alcohol free bar and using the soon to be available land at Furnax Lane for a youth project," said Paul. "I think she quite liked the idea of whizzing round herself on a go-kart course!"
The second most strongly expressed response was the town centre roadworks closely followed by the need for more visible policing.
"It all started so well with the new police officers who are not quite police officers," said another resident in the Prestbury area of town.
"I can't remember the last time I saw them walking the estates. I have seen them driving about even in official police cars. It just mirrors what happened to our old fashioned coppers. They have gone the same way."
Paul explained that he had recently been the victim of crime and was very pleased with the police response but he also wondered if the shortage of full-time proper officers was bad for the town.
Steve Dancey, co-author of, has used the website which is being visited by over 20 new visitors a day, to propose community wardens to provide an additional level of contact between the police and the townspeople.
"It still has to be a disappointment that the promising start of the PCSO's has been undermined by them being used inappropriately," said Steve when told of this viewpoint.
Meanwhile, Paul has now launched the next stage of the campaign by designing posters and car stickers for supporters of both the Independents in the Warminster East and West wards to use to show their support (pictured).
"I'll take two of them," said a town centre resident. "Give me the bigger ones to fit in my four by four windows."
"I'll take one," said another. "This could become a collector's piece. You should have added the words 'Independent of Sleaze'!. Good luck."
Another has been taken by a household which has divided loyalties. Former councillor John Syme has signed the LibDem nomination paper but his wife Sylke nominated Independent Steve Dancey. They now have a poster
"It will be interesting which window Steve's poster appears in," jested John Syme

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