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Election 'fever'gets opposition sweating

(May 20, 2009)
AFTER three weeks daily activity Independent candidate for the local election in Warminster East Paul Macdonald found his time very limited by appointments, family, and work commitments but still managed to excite the interest of voters.
"Look!" said an East Street resident. "Your posters are up in my car! I had better know more about your ideas."
A new leaflet was handed over and Paul promised a chat over a cup of tea on Friday.
"I am so pleased with the response so far," said Paul. "Both Steve Dancey and myself are very mindful of the environment so we need to find a new way of producing paper versions of our campaign material.
"If you would like to show your support for our campaign to bring new energy to local community politics then just let us know through the internet."
The pair have already enthused more than 2,000 visitors on the website since they launched it.
"It would be good for us that the many people who have congratulated us on our work show their support in this way.
"If we can print off posters to meet the demand then this way it will be better than the wasteful way others work. We can run paper copies to order.
"Of course we still plan to call on every household that we can find to talk to them, say 'if I was a councillor on your doorstep what would your pet subject be', and offer a car sticker or poster

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