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VFW really is stimulating debate

(May 22, 2009)
THERE is growing admiration in the town of Warminster for the way two independent minded residents have stood up to challenge the status quo by putting themselves forward for the Wiltshire Council elections.
"I have followed your work almost since the time you started your website," said one town centre businessman being canvassed by Paul Macdonald.
"Here we go on your website several times a week. I have a few issues with what you say," he said speaking," to Paul.
"That is what we are about," explained Paul. "We want to stimulate debate about getting the town moving forward."
Paul inferred that others politically controlled run away from being 'put up to be shot down'.
"If I run with an idea suggested to us at Vision for Warminster and you or the public argue effectively against it pointing out things that I am unaware of then I am going to happily accept your arguments.
"I believe the community have a lot of ideas that need to be explored without me being fearful of my standing."
The entrepreneur described a particular problem outside his premises that he resolved on behalf of the community around his business.
"I know where you are coming from," said Paul. "There is no problem with council officers as I discovered with two issues I took up about bus shelters and the town hall mess by the disused toilets.
"You are someone who comes from the same direction as me. Thank you for dealing with that. We are 'can do' people."
The discussion about the town economy bounced back and forth.
"We need more people like you to take an interest in working for the town without sitting on endless committees. If I become a councillor then I will be fully approachable if you are too busy," said Paul.
This was another example that Paul discovered of individuals championing Warminster for no personal reward.
"The next chat over coffee with my co-author of Steve Dancey may well see the launch of a new initiative - Vision for Warminster champions!," said Paul.
"There are plenty of people who want to turn the town around without being elected as councillors or attending meetings. We want to encourage that."

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