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In pole position after a weekend of slog

(May 24, 2009)
TWO Independent candidates in Warminster are showing the professionally organised political parties a thing or two when it comes to campaigning as they excite the interest of the electorate as never before.
"I think if nothing else we have stimulated debate about local issues such as poor facilities, litter, the town hall and the three year dig up of the town centre," said Steve Dancey whilst delivering leaflets around the West Ward.
"We have interested 2,000 people in taking the town forward since last September with
"Now we are busy delivering thousands of leaflets and I have the blisters on both feet to prove it.
"A couple I was chatting to in one of the closes off Hollybush Lane said - don't you have a team of deliverers to do the foot slogging?
"When you are independent you come up with the ideas, maintain the website, write design and print the leaflets, deliver the leaflets and chat to the public on your way round, I told them.
"Overall the response has truly been amazing and there is a massive desire to elect indepenents at this election."
 His colleague Paul Macdonald is contesting the East ward with an equal vigour that has seen him deliver an amazing combination of postcard size leaflets about issues that seem mundane to current councillors about bus shelters to flyers packed with ideas.
"Steve, because of work commitments has a slightly different timetable to me but I have achieved a first by enthusing residents to put up scores of posters," said Paul.
"This is a return to good old-fashioned campaigning where local people can vote for local candidates about local issues
"As one Boreham resident pointed out to me 'we have known you for 30 years and not only do you live locally you work locally. Give me a poster and good luck!"

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