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Still very positive as attention moves east

(May 25, 2009)
A FEW more hours of foot-slogging with election addresses
has resulted in around 96 per cent of the Warminster West electoral division being supplied with the ‘Wanted’ election address.
"Yet again the response from the public today has been quite unlike anything I have experienced before," said Steve Dancey.
"The major political parties have a real problem on their hands at the next general election as they are simply not trusted by many of their former supporters.
"One MP who seems to be the most hated is the one who suggested that people were jealous of his big house.
"That comment has come up on a number of occasions."
The following areas remain to be done - Ash Walk, Elm Hill, Furnax Lane, Medlicott Ho, Queens Chase, the Oaks, The Woodlands, Westbury Road,  Cuckoo’s Nest. They should all have something by the end of the bank holiday.

If you live anywhere else in the Warminster West electoral division (this information is on your poll card) and have not received an election address, and would like one, then please contact us.

Later this week the delivery will focus on Warminster East division where Paul Macdonald is flying the flag for visionforwarminster.

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