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Portway petition raised for sensible polling station

(May 28, 2009)

VISIONFORWARMINSTER has had a good response to its petition asking for a more suitable polling station for people living on the Portway Estate.

Traditionally people on this estate have voted at the old scout hut near the railway station or at Dewey House but now they must face a trek and a steep climb up a one in 10 hill to get to the Cricket Club.

“I have been out and about on the estate today and have been collecting signatures asking for a more sensible site which will not disenfranchise so many people,” said VFW candidate Steve Dancey.

“I came across two people who would like to vote for me but would not be able to because of the location of the polling station.

“Most people were very positive about voting although there were about six households who simply didn’t want to know.

“I am glad that I’m not a member of one of the three main political parties as there is a considerable amount of public anger about the issue of MPs’ expenses.

“It is something which will continue for a very long time and to be totally honest I believe there is a section of the population whose faith in politicians has been broken for life.”

If you would like to add your name to the petition simply contact us with your name and postcode and we will add your name. Contact

[email protected]

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