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Confusion over footpath ownership at Ruskin Drive

(May 30, 2009)

ONE reason put forward by those favouring the creation of the unitary Wiltshire Council has been that it will reduce confusion among the public.

That may be the case but there’s still plenty of confusion out there.

In Ruskin Drive in Warminster there’s a footpath that runs behind many of the bungalows and connects with Princecroft.

It acts as a tributary for anti-social behaviour, dog fouling and littering.

“One man I was talking to today asked who is responsible.” said Steve Dancey,

“I was at a bit of a loss because I simply didn’t know as the footpath could have been put in by the GLC in times past and be the responsibility of the housing association ‘Places for People’.

“People want an end to confusion over these matters and I have pledged to find out a little more so that these people can be helped.”

No doubt there plenty of other areas where Steve will be looking to end the confusion.

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