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Listen to public urges community activist

(June 02, 2009)
A SIMPLE request for a widely expected safety measure has led to a call for a consultation by a community activist who is putting his name forward for the Wiltshire Council elections.
Paul Macdonald asked the council when the fence to keep the dogs out and help the keep the children in after the new activity equipment which should be applauded was put in place at The Dene
The reply he got was
Thank you for your email. At this time there is no intention of putting the fence back. It was taken down to try and improve access to the new play equipment that has been arranged so children can get on it at one end and make there way along to the other then back out onto the pavement, whilst their parents walk along.
I have contacted out Dog Warden Service and they have received very few complaints from this area.
Saying that there should be signs stating that the area should be kept dog free. I will check this and if there are none then I will endeavour to have some installed.
I hope this information has helped'.
Paul has now begun talking to local residents and their views are quite clear.
"I have several children and now I am concerned about keeping an eye on them all," said one.
"I have seen dogs in there," said another. "Nowhere else would accept this!"
Paul has looked at the problem and has briefly talked to town councillor Paul Batchelor about this.
He chairs a committee that could pay for a set of three dog proof gates to replace the fence that the council are objecting.
"I have suggested that everyone gets together to install gates at the three access points," said Paul.
Meanwhile Paul continues to use his short breaks from campaigning as the Independent candidate for the Warminster East ward to support another local event.
The illustration is from another visit to the Wylye Valley Art Trail this time at Bull Mill, Crockerton where this caught his eye by Nick Andrew.
"The weekend started really well with lots of visitors all round," said Nick Andrew. "We have good weather for our start."

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