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Thumbs up for composters in back gardens

(June 04, 2009)
Green voters should havevote for the Independent candidates in the local elections today according to a resident who lives in a cul-de-sac off Boreham Road .
"I have read you leaflet so you do not need to introduce yourself," said the resident as he pottered about his garden.
"You ask me what is my pet subject is if you were a councillor - what is happening to everything we sort for re-cycling?"
This was the third time in three hours on the doorstep that the question had been posed to Independent candidate for the local elections Paul Macdonald.
"I may have missed a news story but we have been consulting through our website about what to do about re-cycling," explained Paul. "We are running polls with options but if you are saying that you are wasting your time I will find out."
The conversation saw a thumbs up for the idea that each back garden should have a composter with a review of the collection cycle of green bins.
"I have found that so many people like me have been diligently taking our plastic bottles to the bins at Furnax Lane or behind the toilets in the central car park but this clearly indicates we need to add that doorstep service."

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