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Taxi sign in safe hand

(June 04, 2009)
A PIECE of memorabilia that was saved by the quick action of a Warminster business after responding to the work of a co-author of a local website is now lodged at beeline signthe Dewey Museum.
"It is important that we cherish the history of our town for future generations," said Paul Macdonald whose snapshot of the sign revealed during alterations brought an immediate response.
Nicki Marshall, director of the WSB Group which moved into their new Market Place offices this spring, saw the hot topic on the website.
"I suddenly realised that this was important," said Nicki at the time.
A quick dash to the office as it was being refurbished saw her ask the workers to preserve the Beeline Coaches and Taxis shop sign.
Nicki (pictured with Tony Berridge earlier this year) gave the sign to Starline Taxis which evolved from those days in the seventies.
On Wednesday the sign was walked across to the town library by Paul and Adrian Berridge, a descendant of Warminster's first taxi driver.
The museum will now add it to their collection of important artefacts that have been built up.

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