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(June 10, 2009)
The teenager who sparked a major rescue operation drawing in specialist crews from Trowbridge and Chippenham is now home after an hour long operation on her ankle.
Daredevil fourteen-year-old Debra Macdonald fell off a swing whilst playing near Wellhead Lane at Westbury on Saturday (hot topic - June 7th).
Taken to Bath RUH she was operated on 24 hours later and emerged with a plaster cast around her left ankle after two screws and small plate had been inserted.
"I am still amazed at all those fire crew," said Debra from her Warminster home. "It really took my mind off what I had done."
The Kingdown student is still in pain but now learning the art of getting around using crutches and hopes to be back at school within days.
Age Concern are returning to Warminster with another health and well being day after the success of their very first morning in the spring (hot topic - March 18th).
"We are running a Dancing through Life taster from 10am on Wednesday 22nd July at the assembly rooms," explained Trish Cowie.
Run by Rebecca Seymour from Wiltshire Dance it can be done standing or seated.
Tai Chi starts at 11am taken by instructor Andy Wright again aimed at those who may need to take part sitting as well as those up on their feet.

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