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election result

(June 10, 2009)

Here are the results. Congratulations to the successful candidates,

Warminster Broadway

Paul Batchelor (LIB-DEM)                                480      (32.3%)
Keith Humphries (CON)        E                            610      (41.1%)
Michael Turner (English Democrats)   132         (8.9%)
Keith Green (UKIP)                                                  261        (17.6%)
Turnout 40.62 per cent    (1,483 valid voters)
Warminster East
Paul Macdonald (Independent )                 302     (19.2%)
Andrew Davis (CON)            E                                  705    ( 44.8%)
Dave Carpenter (English Democrats)    115        (7.3%)
Guy Fancourt (LIB-DEM)                                       283    (18.0%)
Andrew Mozley (UKIP)                                           168     (10.7%)
TURNOUT 39.5 per cent     (1,573 valid votes)
Warminster West 
Steve Dancey  (Independent )        201          (16.2%)
Pip Ridout (CON)            E                             576          (46.5%)
Roger Coveney  (LIB-DEM)                  249         (20.1%)
May Law (English Democrats)           59           (4.7%)
Mark Boyden (UKIP)                                  153          (12.4%)
TURNOUT 32.6 per cent               (1,238 valid votes)
Low turnout due to poorly sited polling station - complaint to be lodged.
Warminster Copheap (plus Codford, Chitterne & Heytesbury)
Christopher Newbury (IND)        E           824        (49.7%)
Michael Mounde (CON)                                527         (31.8%)
Charlotte Mozley (UKIP)                               117           (7.1%)
Steve Martin (English Democrats)       77           (4.6%)
Graham Hedley (LIB-DEM)                          112          (6.8%)
(1,657  valid votes)
Warminster Without (Upper Wylye Valley villages)
Fleur de Rhe Phillipe (CON)                         999
Ray Beaty (LIB-DEM)                                           376
James Bell (UKIP)                                                  224
Turnout 36.8 pr cent      (1,599 valid votes)
Public Comments


Very very poor result, same old boring faces with a lack of understanding of the word pro-active, a gloomy day for Warminster indeed.
I believe you were both robbed but I also believe that Vision For Warminster will continue to thrive.
I was very happy to vote MacDonald yesterday and wish you all the best.

I would just add that the councillor who won the seat in my ward has not visited either my home or my business, both in the same ward and I also have had no hint of promotional literature through my door over the last few weeks. If he could not be bothered to canvass, then I am of the opinion that he can not be bothered with the welfare of this town. Shame on him.

Roland Daniels


We've just had news of the local UK elections here in Australia, and I
remembered your campaign. Sorry you weren't elected,
but you got a decent level of support and I congratulate you for
running. It can be a hard life as an independent, but the value can be
in influencing the debate rather than being elected outright - so well
done, and hold them to account!

Darren Lewin-Hill
Northcote, Victoria


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