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Where have you bin?

(June 11, 2009)
THERE  has been a feature missing for many months from the Market Place and High Street in a Wiltshire town as a result of the widening of the pavements saga.
"Where have you bin?" quipped Paul Macdonald as workers began restoring litter bins to Warminster's main thoroughfare.
The co-author of along with his colleague Steve Dancey are keen to see litter laws enforced.
They discovered months ago that they had to walk a considerable distance to throw away irresponsibly litter they discovered and had picked up from the pavement.
"There has never been an excuse for littering," claimed Paul.
"But it will now be a disgrace if the hugely expensive and long-running disruption to the town does not see the enhancement maintained to a high standard.
"I once again call on the town council to launch a 'Keep Warminster Tidy' campaign and applaud them for supporting George Jolley and the town hall clean-up.
"They could learn from his efforts and get one of their councillors to take up the litter portfolio as suggested on our website."
Steve and Paul have set an example by regularly helping the environment taking time with a litter picker and black bin bags to tidy up an area near where they live.

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