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Dog fouling issue still in play

(June 12, 2009)
A councillor who promised to tackle local issues with local action has been asked to live up to his pledges by residents concerned for the safety of children.
"I have asked cllr Andrew Davis to meet me at The Denedog foul play area to discuss why the council are refusing to re-instate the fencing," said Paul Macdonald.
"I will show him the reason that has been given to me and discuss alternatives which spring to mind already."
The dog proof fencing was taken down when the new play equipment was installed. Locals also feel a lot safer knowing that it stops their children from running off.
A council officer has replied that the fencing would get in the way of parents helping the children along the wooden course.
"It is really surprising bearing in mind that the verge of a Warminster road nowhere near a play area can have a warning sign (pictured) but dogs are being allowed to roam here," added Paul.
After a brief conversation Cllr. Davis said he would make a note and get in touch but that he was away this weekend.

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