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Warminster history for sale on ebay

(June 17, 2009)
A piece of Warminster history dating from the reign of William IV is for sale on ebay.
The historic gold watch is a Warminster fusee verge pocket watch with an asking price on almost £1,000.
Details below.
A  mint and rare solid 18k gold English, early 19th century highly engraved chain driven fusee verge pocket watch, with a rare 3-Color solid gold dial. The watch is very substantial, and in a 1.5 oz solid 18k gold consular, drum case, so requires a secure pocket This fine solid 18k gold verge fusee watch just cleaned and overhauled by my watch-maker and keeping good verge time. We are a Platinium eBay Power-Seller, so please bid with confidence, we give our email and contact telephone number below, so do feel free to contact us to discuss any watches we have available. You can also visit our Website at vintagewatchstorewhere there is a wide variety of fine antique & vintages watches.

THE DIAL: 100% mint, the solid gold 3-color dial with fine raised red gold Roman numerals, and a separate minute track to outside of dial with a floral engraved centre. The dial with 3-colour gold brocaded floral and leafy edge, in bright and crisp condition. With blued steel hour and minute hands. The original glass in very fine condition. Diameter is 386 mm.

THE MOVEMENT: 100% mint, with richly gilded full plate in wonderful condition. The rare shaped balance cock and foot in superb condition and of a simple pattern, but beautifully finished. The balance cock with a large diamond end-stone to the centre of the shiny steel three arm balance wheel. The back plate with further decoration and a silvered steel Bosley regulator, with small raised pip to allow for easy adjustment. The movement showing very high quality work and finish. The watch is keywind, and movement size is 33 mm diameter. The movement signed by J. K. Saunders of Warminster and number 1215. Pierced gilded fusee stop work with iron hinge.

The watch with fusee chain on tight to barrel and fusee cone and a good free swinging balance and the watch runs the full length of the fusee chain, keeping good time. The watch comes with a winding key for hands set and winding. Do note the unusual feature of the winding both through the dial and also the case back. 





THE CASE: 100% mint, the solid 18k gold drum type case measures an impressive 52 mm outside diameter. The 18k gold hinged covers all closing tightly, and in fine order. The three knuckle hinge in good order. The cases with London hall-marks, case maker marks and 18k gold marks and case number of 1215 and letter "t" for 1834. The case maker mark of "TN". The pendant and very well made bow, in superb condition and finely engraved and decorated. The case with no pin-holes or stretch marks, to the case. The covers with fine quality raised, engraved and carved edges in three-dimensional relief. The top cover pops open, when the pendant button is depressed.

This is a high quality watch a work of art in its own right in crisp condition and of jewel like quality. This is a very fine  period antique in simply stunning condition, which is rare collectable item or a possible investment for the future or of course a fine gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding etc.




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