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More recycling capacity needed in town centre

(June 22, 2009)
This is the regular Monday morning scene in Warminster that greets those keen on doing their best to help the environment by recycling waste that is not collected on the doorstep.
overflow"I was asked to take a look by nearby residents during canvassing for the local elections," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.
"I make two visits a week with cardboard and plastic bottles including those that I pick up doing regular litter picking near my home added to more general household green waste.
"I use this facility near the Avenue School for one trip because the site nearest my home does take cans, glass and paper but not those items.
"It is quite clear that the local council needs to take an urgent look at increasing the capacity as in bad weather this can become a sodden mess."
All the cardboard units were completely full and two of the three plastic bottle recyclers were overflowing.
"Of course if this is already overflowing then there is the option of heading over to Furnax Lane," added Paul.

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