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WCR - Have you tuned in yet?

(July 28, 2009)
'Have you tuned in yet?' could be the catchphrase of the week as fans of the work of a town's community radio station enjoy listening to their favourite presenters on the radio at home, work and in the car.
"I have been listening to the internet broadcasts of WCR for many months now," explains Paul Macdonald.
"At the moment I can enjoy the community chest broadcasts by the station director Barry Mole at home or in the car before getting ready to go to work."
The former hospital radio service has steadily developed into a much stronger media presence in Warminster and is currently broadcasting on 87.7FM
A restricted annual 28-day licence is not widely supported though - many want the truly local station to broadcast 365 days a year.
A call to the station or a visit to their internet site (via link) will garnish details of how to support their efforts to convince the powers that be to grant that wish.
Today Barry revealed that leading community figure Michael Mounde had written backing the campaign.
The station also has a friends organisation with an annual subscription of just ten pounds as it strives to raise the funds for their major project - a re-location to state of the art studios at Kingdown Community College.
This week the latest news is that they have added the ability to pay by debit or credit card.
Their live hourly updates about national current affairs is supplied by Sky News.
"It is truly a community station that provides such a wide range of programmes," adds Paul. "Not all are my cup of tea but certainly cater for all tastes.
"Have you tuned in yet?"

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