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Election pledge flouted already

(August 10, 2009)
IT might not have been the most important election pledge of the recent unitary elections but to two campaigners leading the debate about the way forward for a Wiltshire town it is a disappointment that it has not been kept.
"The Conservatives launched a website for their candidates and it was interesting to visit to find out what they thought were the priorities and gauge their response to our work," said Paul Macdonald.
Paul is co-author of which was launched last September. The Tories followed suit months later explaining their views about important issues like the town hall.
The 'Conservatives for Warminster' website was abruptly suspended on Monday 13 April 'until the 5 June' with internet users directed to county party agents.
[email protected]promised 'normal service will be resumed from this site'.
"Even allowing for a period to recover from the exertions of flying the flag for the Tories at the elections and holidays in Tenerife or wherever the Wiltshire council is up and running and taking very important local decisions," added Paul.
"We need to know what our councillors are doing, where they stand on the major issues of the town, and when they are going to rejoin the modern information technology world that has proved so successful on our site."
"Or is it the same as another political party locally who claim it is a two-horse race and to be there all year round and the only time you see their leaflets is at election time!"

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