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Two councillors don't believe in global warming!

(September 09, 2009)
WILTSHIRE could find itself out of step with the rest of the civilised world if it takes the advice of two of Warminster’s unitary councillors and goes back on plans to reduce its carbon footprint.
Warminster west councillor Mrs Pip Ridout and Warminster Copheap member Christopher Newbury are among nine councillors who want to withdraw from the Nottingham Declaration which commits our council, along with most others in the UK, to develop plans to reduce the causes and impacts of climate change.
In their notice of motion to the Wiltshire Council meeting on 15 September they claim that man-made climate change is no more than a theory founded on the ‘sand of uncertainty’ and that ‘it is a widely disputed theory that mankind causes global warming’.
While man-made global warming may not have been proved beyond reasonable doubt it certainly passes the lesser test of on the balance of probabilities and on such a crucial issue that is sufficient to me.
Credible world-renowned people such as Barack Obama and David Attenborough all accept it while those who do not include such eggheads as Sarah Palin and George Bush.
"I know which camp I would put my faith in," said Steve Dancey.
"Perhaps the Warminster electorate should have been informed that the successful candidates held such extreme views when they stood for election in June.
"They are well out of step with David Cameron and other members of the shadow cabinet.
"I know members of the shadow cabinet who would be utterly appalled at these redneck views."
Paul Macdonald was equally shocked by the news.
"It has taken just weeks for some local Tories to show their true faces once again no doubt being emboldened by their huge local majority gained on the euro vote day," added Paul Macdonald.
"I was looking for them to come up with a scheme to grab some of the £50 million in interest free loans announced in July to help some of the older schools tackle their carbon footprint.
"Any chance of that now happening on a first come first served basis does not stand a chance.
"Shame on them!"

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