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Cold shoulder for town's global warming sceptics

(September 16, 2009)
THE heat is now on two Warminster councillors after they attempted to discredit scientists warning of man-made climate change writes former councillor Paul Macdonald.
Cllrs Pip Ridout and Christopher Newbury (hot topic 9th September) joined seven other members of the new unitary Wiltshire Council in a call for the authority to withdraw a pledge to tackle global warming.
They were unsuccessful in the council chamber when they ended up with just six votes in favour.
They saw 84 members vote to stay with the 'Nottingham Declaration' ahead of a major conference of scientists due to be held in Copenhagen in December.
Outside County Hall their attempt saw protesters from 'green' organisations with posters draw out council leaders to attempt to re-assure them.
Their claims even made the pages of the Western Daily Press.
"It is a huge disappointment to the people of Warminster that they even brought this up especially as it was the first full council meeting after their induction," said Paul.
"What of earth were they playing at? They have been elected to get things done for their local electorate.
"To waste valuable time in the chamber and officer time on this when the our town needs to improve facilities for local people is highly questionable.
"My first 'notice of motion' would have been about something like more opportunities for young people like an alcohol free bar as part of the restoration of the Town Hall to community use."
More than nine out of ten local authorities have signed up to the promise with none to date having reneged.
*Steve Dancey added: "Notices of motion at County Hall cost around £3,000 each and I was loathe to use them when I was a county  councillor.
"In fact it wasn't until I had exhausted all avenues that I moved my first and only notice of motion in February 1993 to install a proper weight limit for Warminster Town roads following the bypass.
"The work on this was completed by councillor John Syme, by then a Liberal Democrat member.
"What on earth were cllr Ridout and cllr Newbury playing at ?"
*Cllr Pip Ridout has told the town clerk that with Unitary commitments she is finding it difficult to attend meetings as their representative on the Early Years Steering Group. 
Town councillor will discuss this at their full meeting on Monday.

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