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Eden Project's bulb gift to Warminster

(September 26, 2009)

A BULB planting programme backed by the world famous Eden Project in Cornwall has sent Warminster a gift to brighten up the town in the spring.

The Big Bulb Plant is a national initiative that followed on from an event in the summer called The Big Lunch.

The bulb plant is encouraging people all over the country to work as communities to plant bulbs.

As part of that project the first 100 communities to register were eligible for a free gift of bulbs.

Warminster has been given 250 tulip bulbs by the project.

“This is great news as I’ve always been a huge fan of the early colour and optimism brought by bulbs and daffodils and tulips have always been my favourites,” said Steve Dancey.

The 250 bulbs are to be donated to the WETS programme run by George Jolley who has already been able to purchase daffodil bulbs at a very good price.

Now the aim is to find areas to plant out - although The Avenue is a favourite after the work carried out there recently and its strategic importance.

* The area in The Avenue which received attention from WETS has been largely clear of rubbish over the past two weeks.

More information about the project can be found on

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