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Glitch hits town council website - here's an agenda

(October 04, 2009)
UPDATE - Access  to the site has resumed.
Access to the town council's website has been hit by a technical glitch just as one of its most active committees is about to meet at Dewey House.  
Local people who try to visit the 'site' will be interested to know that the 'Town Development Committee' on Monday night may take take positive decisions on their complaints.
The meeting will discuss the latest news about plans for a bus shelter at Woodcock Road, a road safety scheme at Deverill Road, a £50,000 allocation to Queensway Play Area, and the potentially life saving proposal for a crossing at Sambourne School.
"I am really pleased that the money for a play area is now available as it was raised by a Queensway resident with me when I was standing for council and then I discovered that it was already under discussion," said Paul Macdonald.
Other items that have been raised have been posted on the town council notice board outside their current offices at Dewey House in North Row.
Local citizens are allowed to turn up and speak at the invitation of the chairman of the committee for three minutes on any item on the agenda.
"This is the committee that will almost certainly be the most active if the town council vote to take on a stronger role that is offered by the new Wiltshire Council in delivering local services," said Paul Macdonald.
"There is just one unitary councillor on it to hold it back in my view with warnings about economies from it going forward and I hope it will take its development role forward full speed by co-opting more experienced locals.
"The bus shelter at Woodcock will be widely applauded. Perhaps this will be the first in a whole series of shelters that we are calling for across the whole town," added the co-author of 
If approved it will be jointly paid for by the town council and the Wiltshire council according to the town clerk.
And the meeting will also be intereste in ideas to tidy up local areas that the county 'parish stewards' are tasked to attend.
*The abbreviated agenda for the town council meeting on Monday 5th October 2009...
 1. Apologies and Substitutions.
 2. Minutes
 3. Chairman's Announcements 
 4. Public Participation (three minutes per person)
 5. Deputations & Petitions
 8. Sambourne School Crossing
 9. Bus shelter Woodcock Road
10. Parking spaces
11. Deverill Road
12. Copheap Lane
14. Queensway Park
15. Parish Steward
16. Beech Avenue & Pound Street. (HGVs)
17. Portway Playing Field
19. Harmonisation of Concessionary Travel.
20. Path of remembrance ...Copheap
21. Budget

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