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Councillors' expenses - FoE request sent to county

(October 04, 2009)

WHEN VisionforWarminster put up two candidates for election at the unitary council elections in June we promised that we would be open and honest about our expenses and any income gained from public service.

We also pledged to ensure others elected in this area would face full public scrutiny through use of the Freedom of Information Act.

It is clearly a matter of public interest and of interest to the public.

“The first request to the local council for information re the payments made to our five local members has now been submitted to the council’s information officer at County Hall in Trowbridge,” said Steve Dancey, co-author of VFW.

“In addition to the request made to the council I have also requested similar information from the Fire authority and Selwood Housing.

“No request has been made to Wiltshire Police Authority since none of our members sits on that body and will not benefit from the additional income.

“The information officer has 20 working days to provide the information and we will be publishing it on line as soon as it is available.”

There is no suggestion that anyone has done anything wrong in making these claims.

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