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Core strategy consultation just weeks away

(October 20, 2009)
THE core strategy that the local authority have to produce to plan future development for more than a decade will be open to public comment from Warminster residents at a consultation meeting at the Assembly Rooms just three weeks from now.
"I have to admit I find this timescale a bit short knowing the way things work," said former deputy mayor Paul Macdonald.
"Some local organisations may not have a meeting scheduled in time to put this on their agenda and the public will probably only wake up to this some time next week."
"Already some people that I have spoken to were unaware that this was happening."
Wiltshire Council has to have a blueprint covering housing and employment land opportunities to meet government targets while at same time matching schooling and leisure opportunities.
They also have to provide a series of answers to other issues like public transport.
The Warminster exhibition of their thoughts officially known as 'Wiltshire 2026 - Planning for Wiltshire's Future' will be on Tuesday 10th November.
"We have to remind the councillors in the strongest possible terms that they also have a duty to protect what is good about Warminster, its surroundings and the county as a whole," said former planning councillor Paul Macdonald.
The council have promised that the responses to the consultation 'will be used to develop a core strategy which is due to be prepared in draft form in September 2010....the public will then have another chance to comment on the strategy at that stage'.
"That is true but comments will only be accepted on the revisions to the original draft I suspect," warns former county councillor Steve Dancey.
"Then there would probably be an Examination in Public.''
The core strategy is the subject of a full review of local content in a major section of

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