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Gridlock awaits town centre?

(November 10, 2009)
AS suggested by this website alterations continue to be made to the town centre improvement scheme to ensure pedestrian safety and deal with illegal parking.
Workers returned this time to the newly widened pavement outside the Old Bell in the Market place to lift three of the newly laid paving slabs to be replaced with solid bollards.
'They need to work with the town centre pubs and businesses to co-operate over the delivery times to ensure that illegal parking in loading bays and demand does not overlap' said co-author Paul Macdonald (hot topic 23rd October).
'I have witnessed this force a dray lorry to park on the pavement outside the Old Bell.'
This step was taken after previous comments saw the local authority respond to a similar problem outside the Chapel of St. Lawrence in the High Street.
"I hope that someone will now monitor the whole issue of delivery times or we may face one day gridlock if too many all turn up at the same time," added Paul.
"It was important because this area is now the spot where the main bus shelter has been located."
The bus shelter is also subject co comment by (hot topic 24th October)

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