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(November 13, 2009)
MOTORISTS and especially motorcyclists are being asked to be extra careful by a former councillor when travelling along a busy road in Warminster.
"It has been pointed out to me that the speed humps in perilSambourne Road are in a considerable state of disrepair and that two-wheeled motorists are at particular risk from parts of the structures jutting out," said Paul Macdonald.
"I have reported the problem to the local authority immediately using the internet to contact the 'Clarence' team and am pleased to say they have replied with their usual promptness."
The Wiltshire Council highways team at Melksham have been asked to investigate the condition of the road safety measures.
They were introduced to slow traffic driving along Sambourne Road past the primary school and the junctions with West Parade and The Beeches.
A road safety campaign was launched by concerned parents in March led by schoolmum and local resident Ellie Pope. They wanted a safer crossing provided.
They presented a petition to the town council demanding action.
"My son goes to school and it is so dangerous," Elle said just before the town council meeting in March. "I don't want to see a (zebra) crossing as a result of fatality.
"I want to see it prevent one."
"In the very short term this needs urgent repairs as the answer," commented Paul.
"But in the long term what is happening about replacing these speed humps that seem to fall apart regularly with the crossing that the locals are asking for?"
"In the meantime I hope local bikers will spread the word far and wide until the sleeping policemen are once again well-bedded in."
*The Sambourne School parents petition was referred to the Transport and Environment committee of the town council which has been subsequently scrapped by the town council. It was the most dynamic committee

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