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Threshers closure - some saved but is ours a victim of the roadworks?

(November 26, 2009)

 JOBS will be lost and another outlet will disappear as Threshers becomes the latest business to put up the regularly appearing 'everything must go signs'.

 The surprise is that it is at time of the lead in to Christmas when sales should be at their best but the answer is partly revealed on a visit to the off-licence.

 "Even if everything must go," comments Paul Macdonald. "The selling off is effectively at the same price or higher than it can be bought at a supermarket."

 The shop in Market Place will shut soon as the parent company cannot be saved after going into administration.

 The touchpaper was lit on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th, with the administration notice appearing in the shop window.

 The administrators then decided after an initial review they may be able to sell on hundreds of stores in the group but not the shop in Warminster.

 Some will close as soon as December 6th according to the bean counters charged with trying to save the owners First Quench Retailing.

 "Unfortunately, after reviewing the viability of the store network, 373 loss-making stores are to be closed," said Richard Fleming, UK Head of Restructuring at KPMG, and joint administrator.

 "As part of the closure programme, liquidation sales will take place at each of the stores scheduled to be closed with the stock being sold off at a discount from Friday 6th November."

 There is a tiny glimmer of hope is that the shop will not be closed for long as they also say there has been an 'enormous' interest from over 700 small local businesses and private individuals in taking over the licences.

 "It was still open today which probably gives it another week but there is a serious question that has to be asked," added Paul who as a former councillor served on the economic development committee.

 "Profitable stores have been saved and would Threshers in the Market Place have been profitable if it had not like many others seen several years of disruption to its passing trade?"

 "Those that have survived must now be supported by the public using their feet to vote on its success as the on-street parking spaces have gone

 "We must walk to support everyone from Coates and Parkers to Robbins the Butcher in the Market Place and our shops in East Street, the High Street, George Street and Silver Street."

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