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Another Vision for Warminster objective becoming reality soon?

(December 05, 2009)
WARMINSTER is promised a new impetus by an organisation that has been quietly beavering away as they look to leaving financial uncertainty benhind them by recruiting a development officer.
The Warminster and Villages Community Partnership revealed in response to a question from the floor of their AGM that theit 'eight pillars' will soon be taken forward by a new face.
"We can now engage a development officer now the finance is clear," Digby Barker (Chairman) assured Mr. Tim Trounson.
"I welcome this news," said Paul Macdonald who is co-author of
"We called for the town council to look at employing an economic development officer but if this organisation can take this idea forward all power to their arm."
The meeting also saw a councillor nearly raise a stink about a scheme brought up in 2005 to provide a mobile septic tanker that may have been dropped.
"I thought what a good idea," said Cllr. Andrew Davis. "Is it still in the ten year plan?"
"I don't want this to go down the drain," he said in an aside to co-author Paul Macdonald.
Chairman Digby Barker assured him that it was still in the plan.
"It reminds me that we are looking at another issue - rural broadband - to help the villages," Mr. Barker added.
Emwell Street resident Tim Trounson asked about the community action plan and the 'eight pillars' and committee member Len Turner asked about the Health and Social Care consultation.
Andrew Davis (WC area board chairman) promised that he would consider a special area board meeting just to discuss Health issues on the day the consultation takes place.
"The community plan needs to be local and relevant," said Katharine Dew (Wiltshire Council's Warminster community Area manager.
"Keep it local not necessarily take the county plan and make that local. If enough issues arise locally then they can be added to the county plan," she advised.
Paul Macdonald asked what the partnership were doing about youth issues and was told that there was dedicated person looking at it.
The meeting was also told that a period of 'financial uncertainty' for the organisation was over now that they knew what the newly formed Wiltshire Council were doing.
The low attendance of twelve was not helped by the absence of committee members Chris March, Michael Mounde and Bill Parks (without apologies), and Fleur de Rhe-Philipe.
There was a sting in the tail of the fairly low key meeting as a councillor was thrown off the committee
after failing to attend committee meetings for two years.
Digby Barker said that Cllr. Steve Wheeler should lose his seat at their table because of his complete lack of interest.
"I have not seen him at a meeting. It has been two years. Would not know him if I saw him," he revealed.
As none of his town council colleagues who were present at the annual general meeting today (Saturday) came to his defence his name was not put forward again.
*Other committee members were thanked for their work with a special mention being given to Leslie Rocker who was administrator. He is recovering from a heart operation and does not intend to return to the organisation

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