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(December 07, 2009)
THE town council can look forward to a more prosperous New Year after a decision by Wiltshire to bear the costs of all elections - previously town and parish councils had to pay for their polls.
This will include the cost of any held to fill 'occasional vacancies' in Warminster.
The new super council acted amid growing concerns that parish councils and town councils try to avoid the polling booth option because of the charge that is made on them.
"Let's hope that the council wisely allocate the money that is usually set aside in the budget to cover the possibility of a by-election to a much needed youth project," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.
''I would expect a council of Warminster Town's size to make a provision of around 3,000 pounds each year to cover this cost,'' said Steve Dancey.
''This is a gift.''
Website Crash
Warminster Town Council's internet website crashed again today (Monday). It is displaying the message 'sqlInsert error: maxId returned error - DB Error: unknown error'
Any meetings open to the public are still posted on the noticeboard at Dewey House in North Row.
 hey have recently commissioned a website designer to produce a new internet home.
 New use
 Another important building in Warminster is set for a new lease of life as the planning authority give the go-ahead for the return to use as offices and living space.
 The Chantry, which is a key building contributing to look of the High Street, gave up its role as a dentists some time ago.
 It is now to be used for offices with the addition of some residential use and two new homes on land behind with safeguards to protect the conservation area.
 "It is in stark contrast to the look the Factory Shop provides opposite and one again begs the question 'what is happening to our most important building - the Town Hall?" said Paul Macdonald.

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