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(December 09, 2009)
Running Commentary
 The streets in the centre of Warminster have taken on one of the best festive looks for miles with their Christmas lights and steadily the back streets are being given their own lights extravaganza by local residents.
 The cheerful scenes are appreciated by some of the more athletic members of the town who have taken to stopping and commenting on the displays.
 Seen taking an unusual turning up a little known by-way the explanation captures the spirit of this time of year.
 If you see dozens of spectators trotting on the spot admiring your efforts it is members of Warminster Running Club
 They are running their own seasonal version of the 'best display competition' taking a different route each time they run.
 "There will be a prize at the end of our this for the one we think is the best," one runner said.
SOME people may be a little concerned at the lack of progress with the need to do something positive about bringing the town hall back into community use.
Others may not like the idea of a community trust running it in preference to the town council - but there are good reasons for this.
''My understanding is that trusts have charitable status and have greater opportunity to access grant funds and when the building is in use it will be exempt from national non-domestic rate,'' said Steve Dancey, of vfw.
''This could save a huge sum and make the proposal more viable - why hasn't this happened with the Assembly Rooms?''
"Have you checked your google rating lately," said a passer-by to co-author of Paul Macdonald as he popped to the shops.
 Doing a UK search through typing in Warminster in the Google option at the top of the page revealed that the website was in fourth place behind second placed Warminster People, a nationally sponsored option, and third placed Warminster Highbury Youth FC.
 "I do not know what this means in the grand scheme of things but it may show that there is a real interest being generated by us in the grand scheme of things about the town rather than specialist interest groups," said Paul.
 *Co-author Steve Dancey tried the same search and found the website in 20th.

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