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(December 11, 2009)
Last Post
A which sought to be the 'Daily Bugle' giving news of what their team of councillors and officers were up appears to disappeared without so much as a last post.
Suspended suddenly six months ago after a short fanfare nothing remains of this website that promised so much.
The councillors can now return to their relative anonymity after their election in June as 'oops this link appears to be broken' now replaces the previous message (hot topic - November 28th).
Even the Conservative controlled town council website which was in no way linked but is a way of 'keeping in touch' with their decision making is currently suspended


AREA boards will not be given any more money by the county council next year, VFW has learned.
Despite this they may have a little extra to spend as they were only operational part year in their first year and had a pro-rata payment yet still had to gift 20 per cent of the full year's allocation to the community area partnership.
Partnerships are to be encouraged to go all out to get extra funding from external funding to further their community planning ambitions.

Two controversial housing schemes have been approved after amendments leading to the prospect of another 52 homes being added to the west of Warminster.
Selwood Housing can now go ahead with building a small terrace to three two storey homes on part of the garages area close to 32 Alcock Crest.
Developers can now go-ahead with their plans for land off Victoria Road extending the Grovelands Way estate towards the by-pass.
There 49 homes have had all the 'reserved matters' agreed by Wiltshire Council planners.

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