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Waitrose comes out as top of the shops

(January 23, 2010)
WAITROSE - Warminster's first choice for a new supermarket - has come out top of the shops in the most prestigious survey of its kind in the UK.
Which? members voted Waitrose the highest rated supermarket with a 79 per cent customer score 15 points ahead of second placed M&S. (Morrisons could only score 56 per cent).
Uncluttered stores with their wide aisles and the quality of their products and staff saw them score 'five stars out of five almost across the board'.
It was only let down on its by getting two stars for it prices but this was according 'made up for with 'superior quality of food compared with some other supermarkets'.
Warminster town councillors wholeheartedly backed the plan at the Dents site in Fairfield Road for change of use to supermarket site to fund their plans to stay in the town.
It saw off a hostile alternative proposed by the owners of the Three Horseshoes Mall.
"I am not surprised," said Paul Macdonald. "We have definitely got this decision right.
"I know it has a reputation for high prices but I for one am prepared to pay a little extra for quality of some products and shop cheaply for others elsewhere."
**Waitrose was the fastest growing supermarket over Christmas with sales up 17.6% on last year's figures.''

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