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Golf Club price tag shows bargains are there for the taking

(January 26, 2010)
TOP estates agents Strutt and Parker have revealed that the asking price of the Thoulstone Park Golf Club, land and facilities has been slashed.
The Salisbury office says the property, two miles northwest of the town, is now available to buy for just a million pounds.
''Big ticket items like this have seen their values tumble as the credit squeeze in western economies has dried up easy money,'' said vfw's Steve Dancey.
''Just imagine how cheaply the Town Hall in Warminster is now valued?
''Just image what a boost it would give our town finally to see this building in public use as the home of a valued town council working hard for the community.
''Our town hall should be a symbol of the town's strength and vitality not a monument to its decrepitude.
''If those in charge allow this opportunity to pass by they will never be forgiven and their names will forever be tarnished with wasting the town's money and fettering future councillors with unnecessary costs for years to come.
''I'm contrasting the missed opportunity with the crazy waste planned.''

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