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Team tackles warminster litter hotspots (PHOTOS)

(February 14, 2010)
infcentre1SOME of Warminster's worst litter hotspots have been tackled this weekend - by volunteers.
On Saturday VisionforWarminster made a clean sweep of the Avenue picking up more 100 separate items of litter between Lidl and the hospital.
VFW's Steve Dancey, said: ''There has been some effort over the past year to keep this area clean and tidy and it seems to be paying dividends as there was significantly less litter than in the past.
''The message is that if there is an attempt to keep an area clean then it seems to stay cleaner.''
Part of the area was planted with bulbs in the autumn and there should be an attractive tulip display to complement the bluebells and snowdrops which are now poking their heads skywards in The Avenue School grounds.
On Sunday morning Paul Macdonald and Steve joined the WETS team to tackle the area around New Close School main entrance and the footway between infcentre2the town information centre and the Bath Arms car park.
It was Valentine's Day and both areas needed some tender loving care.
The footway was in a dreadful state and required the efforts of six people to get it into a satisfactory condition.
George Jolley was pleased with the results.
''It means that those using the mobility scooters will now have a clear route into the town centre - it looks a lot better,'' he said.
Town councillor Chris March who also took part promised to look into the issue of who exactly is responsible for keeping this area clean by checking ownership.
Steve Dancey added: ''It has been many years since I have used this particular footway but I was quite shocked at the appalling condition and the volume of litter - quite easily the most disgusting area since WETS infcentre3started doing this type of work last summer.
''We also unearthed a charity collection tin for the Autistic Society which had probably been dumped by thieves.''

Pictures: top left Paul Macdonald tackles a sea of litter

Middle left: The area following the attention of the WETS

Bottom: Chris March, Ian Stanley and George Jolley busy with the shovels and brooms.

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