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Olympic flame to pass through Warminster? It could happen.

(February 15, 2010)
THE London Olympics are just over two years away and there seems a real possibility that the Olympic flame will pass through Warminster on its travels.
Councillor Keith Humphries has told town councillors that no decisions have yet been made but Wiltshire Council is to submit to the Olympic Committee a list of places of iconic interest within the county for the Olympic torch relay.
So far Stonehenge and the Westbury White Horse Trail have been identified.
The relay will feature a convoy including warm-up bands, support teams etc and runners can be nominated to each do 300 metres.
 The Olympic Committee will promote the areas through which they pass and they are also looking for community events taking place which the relay can ‘spider’ off to.
If Warminster had a quality event planned for that time the torch might come through the town, with all the attendant publicity.
Councillor Humphries advised that he has advance knowledge of this and the town council needs to act quickly before other local towns put forward their ideas.
The matter will be discussed further next week.
''There certainly is some merit in this idea,'' said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
''I can recall a similar event in 1994 when the Tour de France went through Hampshire, providing a memorable spectacle.
''I would suggest they contact Lord Bath for his input as Longleat is the second most famous place in Wiltshire after Stonehenge among the domestic audience though Salisbury Cathedral is probably better known internationally.''
If the route takes it to Longleat then the torch will thread through Warminster on its way to Stonehenge.
* In 1948 the Olympic torch didn't visit Warminster but did travel through Shaftesbury using the A30 road - at that time the premier route between London and the south west.

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