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Just a minute took months to discover

(February 15, 2010)
IT is called 'Just a Minute' but it has taken one commentator on Warminster civic and council affairs months to discover.
"Eight months ago Wiltshire Council came into being and I have successfully raised issues using the internet and have had nothing but praise," says co-author Paul Macdonald.
"Today I have stumbled across a quarterly newsletter looking for the information on replacement meeting for the snowed-off area board in January to look at the minutes."
The new unitary authority now have pages which include a quarterly newsletter that claims to provide a summary of the minutes of the local area board chaired by Cllr. Andrew Davis.
'This newsletter will give you and update on some of the issues the area board has been discussing," he writes at the end of November last year.
'Join us at the next meeting (January)...we look forward to seeing you there'.
The meeting was called off without any public notification through the local radio and with no one at the venue.
"I am pleased to use our website to publicise the newsletter but I am very unhappy that Cllr. Davis did not re-schedule this area board meeting for a couple of weeks later," added Paul.
"It gives the feeling that it is just a paper or PR exercise holding these meetings.

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