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Planning application slipped in just before Christmas break

(February 17, 2010)
THE controversial scheme by Warminster town council to commit its population to a seven figure sum to move its centre of operation a few hundred yards took a step forward this week.
Warminster councillors submitted a planning application the day before Christmas Eve to their counterparts at County Hall to change the use of part of the Assembly Rooms.
The local councillor Andrew Davis (Warminster East) has the power to ask for this to go before the planning committee.
On this occasion he did not do so although the power had been used in Warminster when Stockland wanted to expand their interest around the Three Horseshoes Mall (see hot topics).
It was subsequently decided under delegated powers given to a Wiltshire Council officer a few days ago.
Cllr. Davis is the councillor who proposed that the project be funded by an application for a loan of £800,000 which with interest will land local taxpayers with a bill of twice that sum spread over 25 years (see hot topics)

''Traditionally those who want to slide applications through with the minimum of public consideration submit them just before Christmas - it is not the hallmark of a quality council,'' said Steve Dancey.

''The lack of public scrutiny speaks for itself - I'm not shocked just a little sad.''

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