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HOT SNIPPETS wobble/Community Day/Mindless vandalism

(February 21, 2010)

THE cycling festival known as Warminster Wobble have  announce that the dates for the 2010 Wobble will be Saturday 19 June and Sunday 20 June 2010.

More details to follow, watch this space and we hope to see you in Warminster Town Park when VFW's two wheeled brigade will be taking part.


NEXT weekend will give everyone an opportunity to air their views about how Warminster works - or doesn't - when the Community Day takes place in the Assembly Rooms on Saturday 27 February between 10am and 4pm.

The town council says there will be someone on hand to answer questions - we do hope so as there's a number of questions that need to be asked again.


CHRISTCHURCH Terrace residents tell us that vandals have been very active in the area once again with four cars attacked on Thursday evening.

Mindless vandalism includes pulling the wipers and mirrors off vehicles. In the past one prestige sports car had a brick thrown through its window. Hopefully police will be able to track down those responsible.

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