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Anti social parking a new priority for town police

(March 04, 2010)
TOWN police have added a new priority to their current crackdown on troublesome youngsters misbehaving in public officially described as ASB or anti-social behaviour.
ASP is now an extra priority for the next three months as officers on the beat will target anti-social parking which leads to danger and raised temperatures at two school locations and at a busy roundabout.
PCSO Lorraine Rice produced a 'polite' notice about inconsiderate or dangerous parking at the meeting on Wednesday night that she uses .
"If a driver regularly ignores this approach then I can call a police officer to issue a formal ticket," she explained.
The neighbourhood tasking group meets every three months and allows residents and representatives of 'partner' organisations to discuss issues with community beat manager Pc Paul Harvey and his team.
Another past issue that has exercised the minds of this group, the access only roads of Chain Lane and Smallbrook Road, has again joined the list.
After successfully dealing with the problem caused by youths gathering in the Three Horseshoes Walk (see Warminster Journal 26th February) the two local Police Community Support Officers are patrolling around the town looking for where they will settle on next.
At least three areas appear to be favourite contenders. They have identified the college car park.
Town clerk Heather Abernathie passed on public concerns about Smallbrook Meadows 'especially with Easter coming' and Cllr. Pip Ridout raised concerns about Portway play area.
A member of the group of citizens that are working on setting up a 'Street Pastor' scheme revealed that progress was being made to secure funding.
The meeting heard that the town has seen a 2.5% cut in reported crime.
"I think that this has rapidly become a useful group," said Paul Macdonald. "I particularly like the chance to identify key issues."

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