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Poll meeting request handed to mayor on Friday morning

(March 05, 2010)
A DEMAND from more than 140 members of the Warminster public was presented to the town council at 9.30am today (Friday).
Mayor of Warminster Tony Nicklin accepted the request for a public meeting to be held specifically to discuss the matter of the town council's proposed megaloan.
 Despite nonsensical claims made by Wiltshire Council cabinet member Keith Humphries in the Warminster Journal that such a question can only be put at the annual meeting, the town council has accepted the law is with the position outlined by Visionforwarminster from the outset.
The petition was official handed over by Alan Shepherd as he had managed to collect most names.
He told the mayor that as yet many people had simply not seen any justification for a move out of Dewey House, which is why so many were prepared to sign.
Paul Macdonald said that consultation had not been carried out to the extent which such a long term and expensive plan warranted.
''I hope that town councillors will see that if they intend to carry on with this proposal they will need to take the population of the town with them.'' said Steve Dancey.
''At present they do not have this support, and I don't see them getting it while the town hall is left to rot away in the middle of our town as a symbol of decrepitude.
''They need a mandate for their actions, and at the moment they don't have it.''
Tony Nicklin said that no firm decision has been taken to go ahead with the plan, but VisionforWarminster felt it had to take action after all bookings for the hall were cancelled from 1 May this year and it seemed like the whole thing was being steam-rolled through by the establishment juggernaut.
 'It's time for the local population to have a say about our town' added Steve.

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