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Where Everybody Flatters?

(March 06, 2010)
Wiltshire Council 'where everybody matters' is entering the publicity race big time with their latest county wide publication.
After a couple of pilot issues Your Wiltshire Magazine is set to appear ten times a year delivering 24 pages of copy and advertising through every letter box.
"I quite enjoyed flicking through the pages but I just hope it does not become a case of 'where everybody flatters' because that would not justify the expense," says Paul Macdonald.
"The magazine did provide quite a lot of interesting information and a few nuggets this month."
The internet 'Sparksite' for young people has been relaunched nearly four years after being set up having 'grown significantly over the past two years and can be used to access crucial information or simply just to shout about the issues that really matter to them.'
The level of councillors allowances for the municipal year has been revealed.
It shows that being a councillor is no longer serving the community for little financial gain but 'an allowances scheme which sets out what they will pay their elected councillors for the work they do in representing residents' interests.'
It does not reveal what other expenses they can claim nor does it tell you that they will enjoy a nine per cent pay rise each year over the next three years.
"I suppose it raises the question 'do you feel that your local councillors should get the basic allowance of £9,875 for what they do on your behalf?' in many minds," says Paul (who was a former councillor).
Warminster got just one mention in an article about flood prevention.

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