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Move Morgan memorial to outside the Ath? Why not

(March 10, 2010)
The new street scene in Warminster created after year after year of disruption at a huge cost has caused a new disruption to offend passers-by and motorists.
"The sight of everything from a 'hippo truck' last to sports cars this year with personalised number plates using the widened pavements in the town centre to park needs an immediate response," claims Paul Macdonald.
"I am reliably informed these nuisances have occurred over a hundred times since the scheme to widen pavements in Warminster was completed."
The co-author drew the local authority attention to parking on the pavement outside St. Lawrence Chapel in the High Street. (hot topics - April 23, 2009)
Bollards now protect pedestrians and the carefully laid paving slabs.
Across the road it is a different story. There very little street furniture exists to impede those who drive their vehicles on to the pavement parking for free obstructing the new amenity that the long -suffering public should be enjoying.
"The recent meeting of those who can now draw the attention of the police to the problem were told that they no longer issue tickets for parking on the pavement," adds paul.
"It is now the job of parking attentents employed by the council. The police can only act if they see a van or car driving along the pavement!"
Steve Dancey, fellow co-author, has already proposed street art to add to the interest of visiting Warminster and making it a more attractive place to live and work.
"I think that as this problem area starts outside the Athenaeum this must be a place to add a plinth and then invite locals to suggest something to sit on top of it," says Paul taking up the theme.
"There are those that want an historic feature in the town park fishertonreturned to the town centre.''

''What an splendid idea,'' said Steve Dancey.

''Even as a small boy I used to think how silly it was to have that memorial hidden away near the old potting sheds and swimming pool in the park.

''Of course no doubt one of our  councillors will think of some reasons why it can't happen.'' (because they didn't think of the idea?)
Pictured: Public art in Salisbury's Fisherton Street (Which we hear on the grapevine is about to enjoy a full and long overdue resurfacing)

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