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Lack of bins leads to weekend cardboard city syndrome (PHOTO)

(March 14, 2010)
CAMPAIGNER Paul Macdonald says repeated requests for more recycling bins in the town centre have been ignored - and leads to this unholy mess every weekend. 
 "I first contacted the councillors nearly 12 months ago," says messPaul Macdonald. "And again in June last year I contacted the council. (Hot topics - 22nd June 2009).
 "Once again the bins for cardboard are overfilled so much so that two lids have broken off and are propped against the wall.
 "They are surrounded by what could easily be described as the raw materials for a cardboard city.
''This has to be dealt with by providing extra capacity."
 Warminster has several recycling centres dotted around the town.
Most of them are restricted to glass, paper and cans.
 "There is a new major recycling centre for this part of Wiltshire at Furnax Lane so I have added a new suggestion to my request for a review of bin provision," adds the former councillor.
 "It would be a good idea if signs are posted at those easilly accesible sites asking those who have driven in to call there if possible in future. But that has a detrimental affect on the environment..
 "However, there were also people who had walked with their cans and plastic bottles while I was there so we still definitely need action from councillors even if  motorists heed the request from the signs.
 "One told me that he makes the trip daily on his way to the library or on his Sunday 'constitutional' and it is usually overflowing.
 "I have in the past taken glass bottles to other sites from the one near the town library but there was too much cardboard for me to contemplate it today."

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