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Confidence in local councillors is steadily ebbing away

(March 26, 2010)

WARMINSTER is to be asked to have its say in a 'vote of confidence' about their local councillors as yet another crisis hits the the future prosperity of the town.


"I really cannot believe that our councillors with one or two exceptions should continue in office after the latest debacle of the cock-up about car parking charges," says former deputy Mayor Paul Macdonald.

 "How can a town council that was warned by myself and another former councillor be caught out according to the local newspaper Warminster Journal about the five-fold hike in their subsidy by Wiltshire Council when so many of them serve on both councils?

 "This is another example of a set of councillors that were elected taking advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to have a six-year term of office not concentrating on representing the town."

 The latest furore to join those angering the townsfolk about the town hall, the 'megaloan' for the Assembly Hall, and now car parking charges which will be imposed within a week will see former councillor Paul Macdonald offer to organise a protest march from the Assembly Hall to Dewey House on April 12th.

 "This is the annual parish meeting required by law which allows the public to question the town council which is still thankfully governed by parish council rules about their work.

 "I have the information from the Warminster Police Inspector about the requirements for a public demonstration. After dozens of people spoke to me today about the latest fiasco I will be asking them should we go ahead?

 "How can the town council claim to be caught unawares when they knew the arrangement was coming to an  end and they have councillors who serve on both authorities?

 "Both myself and Steve Dancey as co-authors of warned them that they had to be alert to this.

 "The same councillors in charge of both Warminster Town Council and representing the town on Wiltshire council is now unsustainable in my view.

 "We need to let the public have their say."
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