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WETS discover town's litter hell hole (PHOTOS)

(April 12, 2010)
THE regular Sunday morning outing of the Warminster Environment Team Services (WETS)  saw the group tackle the pathway at the side of Alworths - linking the High Street with the western car park.
It was straightforward - until the group made a surprise and thoroughly wets2unpleasant discovery. (see photo)
''Just as we were about to complete the work Paul Jolley looked over a 6ft high wall only to find an enclosed area about 5ft by 5ft filled with rubbish probably dating back to when this building was erected in 1954,'' said Steve Dancey of VFW.
''There was sufficient rubbish to half fill a large 1,000 litre bin.
''Fortunately Paul was wearing protective clothing which enabled him to tackle the problem.
''It was quite the worst pile of rubbish we have encountered since we started wets1tracking down the town's worst rubbish spots - a really dreadful mess.''
If you would like to join WETS  on their quest for rubbish look out for the next planned outing in May. (It will be advertised on this site).
WETS has just been awarded a grant of 500 pounds from the town council to enable it to buy more equipment.
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