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Surgery's first ever open day

(April 19, 2010)
IT was a case of an 'open day surgery' for the doctors, nurses and support staff in Warminster on Saturday morning which was joined by others who are now part of the modern surgeryapproach to local health care.
"This is the first open day," said Burt Paul welcoming visitors to the Avenue Surgery.
"I am chair of the patient participation group and invite you look around and see that the surgery offers so much more than an appointment to see your GP.
"At my age I have to see them from time to time," said Burt (pictured). "My own pet name for what ails me is 'anno dominitus'!"
Inside the two waiting areas had tables for eight different 'partners' who support the family doctors in their work and the surgery manager with her staff were on hand  to explain more.
"We are pleased to offer the services not just of doctors but nurses, clinics for those who would like to quit smoking, and preventative advice," said Sue Rest.
"There is also the chronic disease like diabetes which is a big thing."
The patients participation group is looking for more members.
"It has already had a say in getting our leaflets written in plain English," said Sue. "It has inspired this open day and it would be nice to see some younger people involved."
"Today is all about improving your local surgery services and showing what local services you can access for support advice."
There was a practical benefit to the visit as well - a free blood pressure check.

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