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Community calls for improved recycling facilities

(April 26, 2010)
A community campaigner and a community leader have put their heads together to ask for further improvements to recycling opportunities in Warminster.
 "I am really impressed at the response to a previous request which has seen a major improvement in the tidiness not only at the Central car park mini-recycling centre but the Western car park as well," says Paul Macdonald
 Last month Wiltshire Council responded within a week to the complaint of a 'cardboard city' regularly appearing in the maylawWestern car park (see hot topics March 14th/22nd).
 "As a result of conversations with other users I have now asked Wiltshire Council to look at the wider picture," explains Paul.
 "I live to the east of the town and use three mini recycling centres. The Central car park, the Conservative Club car park, and once in a while the one along Hollybush Road.
 "Those living in the vast majority of the house to the west only have the choice of the one in the Western car park and that does not have recycling for plastic bottles."
 After talking to May Law, the chair of the Obelisk Tenants and Residents Association, a solution is being offered to the waste management team at County Hall.
 "For those with cars this is not a problem but it has been pointed out to me that there are some who do not and would like to see a facility closer to home," adds May.
 "I have even experienced it first hand as I look after my mother who lives that side of town.
 "Selwood Housing own an area which I know they would agree for use as a mini-recycling site," says May.
 "We have talked about this before and it would be nice to see some action from the new authority."
 The piece of land is located between Masefield Road and Tennyson Close and already has a tarmac surface.
 "It has two vehicular access points and just a short stretch of extra tarmac would need to be laid," explains May. 
 "There is also a pedestrian access from Tennyson Close and soon the crossing along Victoria Road will be working."
 Paul has offered to meet the council at the site to talk it over and May says she would 'be happy to liaise with Selwood Housing.'

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