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New website on line at

(May 23, 2010)
WARMINSTER'S 'all singing all dancing' new website is now on line and can be accessed via the address above.
It represents a vast improvement on the clunky and frankly very dull site the council has used in the past - but compounds one of our problems in attracting outside investment by calling Warminster 'a garrison town'.
  The site  itself is more colourful and user friendly and there is the opportunity to build in more features.
''Like all websites the popularity of this new one will not depend on the gizmos and flashy design but ultimately on the quality of the copy and the information contained on its pages - something the news industry seems desperate to call its 'content','' said Steve Dancey from vfw.
''Newspapers have editors and websites have content managers and I wonder who will have ultimate editorial control of this site.
''If it becomes very popular and there is a lot of input from third parties - will the town council be responsible from any actionable material that is published?
''Unlike slander, which the injured party has to prove they have suffered damage, in libel the complainant only has to show that something, published in permanent form tends to lower them in the opinion of the right thinking person (famously defined by Lord Denning as the man on the Clapham Omnibus).
''It is a minefield potentially and the council will need to pay due scrutiny to anything submitted and show that they have taken all reasonable steps to remove anything offensive as soon as it is pointed out to them.
''One thing I wasn't happy with is calling Warminster a garrison town - it isn't, what it is is a market town with a relatively small garrison (less that a tenth of the size of the Tid'n'Bul garrison in terms of garrisoned soldiers).
''While the military have a valued role in the town such connections are often misunderstood in the wider world so if we are trying to sell Warminster to potential employers it is best to explain this at a later date.
 ''We certainly should not be emphasising our military links but our unique history which dates back much much further than 1938 - and who knows with all the defence cuts likely will we still have a garrison here in 10 years' time?
''Devizes lost its garrison in the 1980s, Wilton is losing the HQ of Land Command next month so it isn't written in stone that we will always have a permanent garrison.''
Paul Macdonald was also nonplussed by calling Warminster as 'Garrison Town'.
 "We are an interesting market town that has a good history of living happily with the military training element based locally working on Salisbury Plain," says Paul Macdonald.
 "Our community is probably the best example of this."

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