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Free fun in the field at Boreham (PICTURES)

(June 04, 2010)

A free family fun day enjoyed perfect weather today as scores of delighted children literally bounced with joy with plenty 'in store' at St. George's Field in Warminster. CLICK ON PIC TO ENLARGE)
It was a case of 'there are no flies on her' as two-year-old Ella Morgan was initially discouraged from enjoying the bouncy castle by the sight of a resident midge but her face soon turned gleeful once the offending insect was removed.
"She can't stand them," laughed her gran Jo. "She hates them!"
A leaflet delivered to the Boreham Field estate earlier in the week had drawn nearby families to the activities organised by local organisations that encourage active play and a healthy lifestyle for youngsters.
"Its like the telly with the snakes and things," said five-year-old James Bradley after completely the climbing wall successfully for the second time.
"I got to the top and there is a hole there!"
Queues quickly formed at the inflatable ball park for the under fives to use, the climbing frame, and the bouncy castle.
They were provided by 'Active Trowbridge' set up by their town council using government money to offer apprenticeships to young people who have been unemployed for six months or more.
Nearby the chance to be creative proved irrestible to Holly Carpenter (8) and her brother Ben (10) as they quickly produced colourful tiles for their watching nan.
Refreshing Fun
"I quickly realised that with it being such a hot day there was going to be a need for refreshments," said nearby corner shop assistant Jasmine Pickford pictured being helped by Ann Walford.
"So I talked Arum (shop owner) into letting me set this up."
"I suppose you could call it a Spur shop - a spur of the moment shop!" said customer Paul Macdonald.
Also mirroring the nearby shops there was the chance of a kebab but with a difference.
"This is the fruity kebab store and it has a fruity quiz to promote healthy eating," explained Judy Vanderpump (pictured right) supported by Lucinda Murray from Wiltshire with youngsters David, Lorna and Paige.
"We get the children to put pieces of fruit onto a stick and they really seem to enjoy it."
There was another bit of fun at the 'Scrap Store' run by an independent charity which gets off-casts donated by businesses and then encourages children to make things out of them.
"This is all waste from industry," explained Kate Jackson (pictured left helped by Kelly Gates and Alex Hart from the Avenue School surestart team).
"We have Sticky back plastic from signwriters and hospital green bags and pool lining as some of the ingredients for today's fun."
A wide selection of other materials was on hand to become an octopus memento of the day to join the decorated tiles and fingerprint sheet that gave real meaning to 'community support' to the work of the two local PCSOs.

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