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September 2011 opening for Waitrose?

(June 08, 2010)

HOPES are rising that Warminster's much talked about Waitrose store could open its door by September 2011.

Town councillors were briefed by developers earlier this week and told that the work on a new home for Dents in Furnax Lane should start in August this year.

When their new building is ready they can decant their operation and demolition of the  Boulton Brothers factory and much older Dents-Fownes warehouse can start next spring.

The developers have put a possible opening date of September 2011 for the Waitrose.

''Builders can often meet their schedules but in my experience there is often a lag if there are any legal people still involved as they simply don't  live by the same rules as normal people - time means nothing to them,'' said VFW's Steve Dancey.

''It will mean a big change for Fairfield Road and in a way I'm sad to see the buildings go as I spent some very happy times there as a teenage student worker in the 1970s.

''However it is progress and the arrival of this extremely popular company and the retention of Dents in the town is very positive news.''

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